By Radu#7120 | Today, 08:16 | Updated on 04.04.2023, 08:17 

Va salut! Va prezint Top 10 soferi pe luna Martie! Vreau sa va felicit pentru rezultate obtinute!

1. ­čąç Unchesu' 305.195 KM

2. ­čął Boca 173.430 KM

3. ­čąë Eduard 154.454 KM

4. GEORGE [ RO ] 126.982 KM

5. ./:\RedAlfa/:. 74.889 KM

6. adrian66 65.459 KM

7. badea daniel 63.779 KM

8. 12Uhr 63.116 KM

9. mgpsv marian 59.966 KM

10. VeMeu 54.405 KM

Datele sunt preluate din Trucksbook iar cifrele se refera la kilometrii parcursi la Real!

Va multumesc!

Partenerii nostri | Our partners

By //MICKY_JOSEPH// | 12 Jan 14:17 | Updated on 14 Jan 17:50

Romania Convoy Control Group

Romania Convoy Control Group, known as RCCG, is a convoy control team that was founded in April 2022, and deals with directing traffic in convoys. They can direct your convoy traffic on the desired route by blocking the road, having escorts in front of the desired VTCs, and even send messages in the chat section regarding the route established by the event organizers. If you want to contact this team, you can do it through this Discord invitation link.

TheOrder VTC

Our team was established by Mr.Dora on 24.02.2022. Our aim is to raise our team that is new in its field and to move it to the best ranks. The Unchangeable Principles of Our Team are Respect, Love and Stability. Our Goal Is To Become A Globally Recognized Team By Providing The Same Performance In Other Categories Without Being Just TMP.